Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Simrin Choudhrie – A Secret Millionaire with a Noble Cause

Secret Millionaire was one of the hit reality TV shows’ that helped millionaires get a perspective about the life and struggles of lower class by residing at poverty stricken places and charity houses, disguised as unprivileged people. After residing with them, the millionaires would reveal their identity and give donations to people in need. Few notable names graced the show with their presence, and one of them was an established philanthropist and famous interior designer Simrin Choudhrie

Simrin is known across the globe for her endless efforts for the underprivileged section of society and actively contributing for their betterment. Her ideology about helping others by staying with them and understanding their viewpoint keeps her going. With this noble idea in mind, Simrin decided to feature on one of the episodes of Secret Millionaire where she resided at the St. Wilfrid’s Centre with vulnerable and socially excluded people, masquerading as a pregnant impoverished woman. 

Owing to her stay, she grew attached with the people at St. Wilfrid’s and was moved by their ongoing situation. She ended up offering the biggest donation ever received on the show. Her fellow mates at the charity house, including director Kevin Bradley was in a state of shock on knowing who she actually is.

Bradley exclaimed, “What she has done for St Wilfrid’s is absolutely mind-blowing.

“When she revealed who she was it just felt surreal - things like that don’t happen in real life, or so you think.

“The money she has pledged will make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable people in Sheffield.”

Simrin’s noble act was beyond charity as she got attached to the people and the staff and clients had gotten an amazing human being as a friend for life. 

“She is such a lovely girl,” Kevin said. “You would never know where she came from - there was nothing pretentious about her.

“At different points I did start to think there was something a little mysterious about her,” Kevin said. “But I could never really get to the bottom of it.

“When the time came for her to reveal herself to me I’d convinced myself I was being silly - so I was certainly shocked when she told me she was millionaire!

“She was really upset - crying that she felt like she had been deceitful towards me - and she said she felt bad because she had come to see me as a kind of father figure.

“Everybody was crying when she came out with the news, we just couldn’t believe it. It was a very emotional day.”

Sharing his happiness on having met Simrin, he added: 

“We have made a friend for life in Simrin, and that’s a wonderful thing.”

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